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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"

the low point of mario

The game itself was well put together. Now on to the bad

Just because a certain game franchise is legendary for excellent games does not mean it has it's crap games, examples:

Sidescrolling Legend of Zelda

ANY 3D Sonic game

Super Mario 2...which this game is a tribute to. The original game sucked. All Nintendo did was take an old crappy game and put a mario skin on it...some of the enemies were even the same.

Typically when one wants to do a tribute to a game...you should tribute a GOOD game. Although it's always better to come up with something original of course.


Good got! This is amazing! Good choice of music! Great graphics! AMAZING!


this it just a super mario bros 2 copy XD. lol nice work, bring back good old memories.

only one thing to say


Great graphics but...

This looks really good but I got to the second level and tried making one of the high jumps 3 times and missed each time so I stopped playing.