Reviews for "CrackShot!"

Well done

The bouncing the bullets, as well as the bullet time, mad efor a fun and challenging game. Possibly include moving targets next time too, or some sort of boss.


targets with hostages!

Tons of fun

I really enjoyed the game, tons of fun shooting targets mindlessly. last or second to last level, the green target was hard, practically shot myslef in the foot trying to get it, lol

pretty cool.

definitely my most favorite part of the game is the slow motion! it is the best slow motion I've ever seen done in a flash game, or flash movie. the really cool part of the slow motion is how you would see the screen wave around the bullet. it's a really cool effect. the game play is pretty fun and challenging, and I'm currently trying to beat my previous scores. the graphics are really impressive, and you really see it shine when you activate the slow motion feature, and the sound is good too. the sound effects are pretty impressive and the music is good.

Worth My Time

Good time killer. Requires you to think a bit. I enjoyed it from begining to end. A second CrackShot would be nice. A maybe let him have a choice of pistols/weapons.