Reviews for "CrackShot!"


very nice...I found the last set of levels to be rather easy...(got beat on most of them on a first try...one I had to figure out after a few tries), but really good...

Very Nice.

Very nice game. I got 'beat' on all but the last two levels. I even had enough points without even doing the last level. Love the ending, so funny. Great work.

Nice simple game

Graphics we're nice, I liked bouncing the bullets around and the art style. Easy 9/10!

The only thing I would object to is that it a little too easy, and short. Make a sequel thats longer and I'd be an easy 10/10.


How is this game good? It's terrible! It has no action, music sucks, graphics were pretty good, but gameplay, it was awful!

:p I guess

The points taken off are because it was way to easy, and because It was incredibly short.