Reviews for "CrackShot!"

this one is goos..

im giving you only 9stars..bcoz i thought theres gonna be enemies or something..great game anyway..
for ramsmash:now why would the website moderator put this on the frontpage if it "sucks"?maybe youre the one who suck..haha

Nice one

Not bad, I really like this game. It would be nice to have a choice of weapons and a bit more levels but other than that it was pretty fun. Nice job :D.

Good Game

I dont know if i just suck but i couldnt get the star on the 11th level

good game

its a very good game but mayb in the sequel you could add REAL enemies

Very nice ending ;)

Haha that was fun and I got all stars!!
Next time you could add different kinds of weapons maybe?
And achievments ;)