Reviews for "CrackShot!"


This was just all round goodness D:


Very good game.
I loved the ending.

Very Good!

It was fun. Good Graphics too, but where do you go to competye for high score? I didn't see any scores listed.

12299 is my high score.

First off, the graphics were quite pretty with the bullet "ripples" and exploding fragments. Some games seem long because of their poor graphics and gameplay, but yours was made too short because it was both fun and looked good.

However, I would recommend that you lengthen the game; 20-30 levels of those size would be good. Also, perhaps implement moving targets. Last gripe is that you introduced gameplay mechanics that were hardly ever used. The bottles and glasses for example. Again, there weren't enough levels where there were multiple possible paths, all of them (save 11) were straightforward and generally involved shooting every target by finding the correct ricochet spot and then getting the high score.

Once again, good game; these criticisms are outweighed by the positive aspects. I think you can do better in a sequel, and please try. I don't want to see the good graphics and promising gameplay go to waste.


its just cool.
where you have to better youre score with time or bullets and stuff.
i made it!