Reviews for "Mortasheen"

Ya got a wild imagination goin there. XD

Great job, the flash it self is a bit wierd but it's just perfect. The idea and all the monsters being unique is a real big thing nowadays. :D
Don know why but somehow I had the feelin of doom or quake. XD
The graphics are great and the animation's so smooth. Kudos I must say. ;)
Keep up trhe good work and make some more. :D


i really like what youve done here
the only issue i could pick up on was maybe you could loop your sounds better

Yes <3

Splendid. I love it. You don't see bizarre and macabre stuff like this enough. I hope you've got some sequels in mind...

A little disturbing.

But, it was pretty cute. The art style was cool, too.

He kicks arse.

So much arse. Infact the amount of arse kicked by him is incredibly disproportionate to his him as shown by the defeat of the massive tar mammoth brought upon by him. But I thought that the tar mammoth (god i wish i remembered the name) was meant to kick bigger arse than the " kid. I also think you should have included a cat for fun. Seeing as there was a chainsaw kid and all and that normally involved copious fear of cats. Awsome anim.