Reviews for "Weather Man"

blame game

Hehe that was really good. Not going to give anything away

How to make the weather funny

1. Make a flash
2. Give it comic book graphics
3. Add in some painfully bad jokes
4. Give the butt of the joke a slightly restrained and cagey attitude
5. Make the punchline joke worse than painful

And you my friend have a hilarious Newgrounds font pager, of which I rate a complete 9, which is a whole 9/10ths of a 10! Yay.


Good funny stuff w/ pretty nice artwork.

Rated Nine For The Lulz

Good animation, funny script. I liked the music. This should be a series! Which it sounds like you are going to be doing.

The only reason I subtracted a star was that it is supposed to be raining, but in the window in the background, it is clearly sunny. It would be much funnier if the rain were hitting the window because then the mood would be set right, as is the mood is wrong, the motivation for the characters isn't obvious enough. Good work though, overall.

look what you did

our weather man quit for the same reason, so i got an online weather report and all is good