Reviews for "Weather Man"

Pretty good

Great flash, the ending was the best part. Nice animation and perfect sound. Keep it up

[Test Pattern]

(Re Divisible By Zero: Have you ever seen "Network"? You'd love it, that's exactly what they have, for exactly that reason.)

The funny things is that news anchors really do treat weathermen that way. NOBODY likes weathermen. And, of course, satire is taking one step beyond the reasonable...

And here we are. BACK AFTER THIS!

Funny the first time, second time? No.

The first time i saw this, you made me laugh, the humour of everyone blaming the weatherman, and the whole news-team laugh at Bob, slandering him, his wife, and his son. Forcing him into Suicide and mental-breakdown, it was funny, and quite an original and refreshing concept for a flash.

The animation was pretty simple, and well done. The sound could've been a bit better, but it was okay. In general, it was quite good, for a first laugh. I can imagine a series of cartoons being based on the witty, bashing adventures of the news-team.

I give you a 4/5.

People: To review something fairly - watch it twice.


-1 point for quality sadly otherwise 10/10

The punch line is so realistic and funny as hell.