Reviews for "Weather Man"

"Look what you diiid" XD

XD it made me laugh, everyone blames the poor weatherman.
The ending was like "...ouch"
But very well animated :)

Ok damn.

I love how they blame the weather on the WEATHER MAN. I mean damn I'd like to see when they have GOOD weather. Your animation is actually GREAT. I'll be expecting more laughs like this on a rainy day...BOB


Poor weather men, their jokes suck and half the time they are wrong! Tsk Tsk....I give this a 9 because agreeing with jorge, audio coulda been better, but it's just a promo so I can tell you mostly are working your self off with the real thing.


Really good. Love the animation.


Wasn't to funny till the end
"See you in hell assholes!" XD