Reviews for "Weather Man"

"Look what you diiid" XD

XD it made me laugh, everyone blames the poor weatherman.
The ending was like "...ouch"
But very well animated :)


I absolutely loved the humor and the old familiar cliche of how people get blamed for what they have no control over. The ending was unexpected (I thought he would kill them all instead) but mildly funny.

I do downgrade one star because of some lame sounding throughout. Not that it was bad, but the laughter was almost unnatural and some of the voices were too low. But they were still good. Splendid flash.


Poor weather men, their jokes suck and half the time they are wrong! Tsk Tsk....I give this a 9 because agreeing with jorge, audio coulda been better, but it's just a promo so I can tell you mostly are working your self off with the real thing.


Really good. Love the animation.


Wasn't to funny till the end
"See you in hell assholes!" XD