Reviews for "Weather Man"

look what you did!

ahhh.... instant classic. man this is awesomely funny! the animation was good and the plot and scripting were great. great ending twist.


Good stuff keep it coming

wicked weather forecast! >.<

nice idea, good animation and quality audio - just the "all laughing at bob" scenes fell out of the frame a bit.

none the less: good job! ^^

great flash

I loved the animation and the jokes were pretty funny... I lol'd :D


Can everyone please just shut up and appreciate that this is a great flash!?
People just don't think about the scripting here, as proved in many other flashes, the graphics element doesn't need to be amazing for it to be a brill mini-short.
Seriously though, i thought the flash wern't bad, sure the movement was not perfectly flowing like some sorta crystal clear movie but thats what makes this flash different and original and it SUITS the storyline of it. The only negative would be the sound quality, but that comes with getting a better mic i guess. Plus, it could be bit longer with more offensie jokes to bob but again, loving the way it ended, with the cut back to the 2 anchormen when you could've just left it with bob killing himself.
Great talent on display, 10 Stars.