Reviews for "TentaDrill"

Pretty sweet

A bit short, but it's actually a really good game. I just got confused because for some reason my upgrade level was 9/8...


Well, this game is actually disturbing when you start it, because appart from the fact that you can't do anything, the first thing you see is that you only have 8 levels, so eight upgrades, and it sounds lame, but then you level up a few times, and I can tell you that you aren't disappointed anymore, and only the ones who played it fully can understand... Anyway, the last level is just a bit too long to earn......

pretty good

its a great game so im rate ing it a ten

Nice one

i gave it a nine star because i couldint bet the boss but good arcade game

Nice one !

That was a heck of a game, man =D
Maybe a little longer, but... oh well... make a sequel =D
Now, you, the game, go to my fav', right now =D