Reviews for "TentaDrill"

Great game!

Smooth gameplay, fun and simple graphics, nice subtle use of effects. All in all a blast to play.

However, I came across a problem that's pretty annoying. Upon "killing" a boss it started waving a white flag saying it's dead. Now, for all intents and purposes, a defeated boss should -not- be able to hurt you. But as I was zooming around waiting for it to disappear I touched it and died.

C'mon, :P how can a defeated boss kill me?

That's my only complaint! And one that should be fixed! :D


I found this to be a great game with smooth graphics, upgrades, bosses in fact it reminds me of Megaman. However different weapons would be nice.

tedious, though interesting

visually, you have essentially made a shooter lok artistic with the water effects and the smooth animations. Gameplay wise it would SEEM fun at first but it really gets boring once you beat the first boss, which wasn't challenging at all. I could say it was short, but then again its tediousness of simply shooting 3 different enemies and destroying rocks isn't exactly fun for 8 entire levels.

It was pretty.

But it was preeetty boring.
I got to the second stage, even right after i got my first means of attack,
And it was still pretty boring!
But i liked the flow, and the look and sound of it.

Good game

The gameplay was fairly unique and the animation was pleasantly quirky, stylistic and well polished. The game was fun and simple, and I really enjoyed leveling up the tentradrill. As other people have said, one of the only negatives was that it was perhaps a bit too easy to reach the top levels of experience. Because it seems like the amount needed for each level is basically static and you gain experience faster as you level up and get to more complicated levels, you go faster between 8 and 9 than between 1 and 2, which cheapens the trill of getting the highest levels a bit. Also, one suggestion: give some kind of bonus for maxing out all of the bars on the levels. Maybe a bonus level or power or something like that?

In summation: top marks, looking forward to the next one.