Reviews for "TentaDrill"

not bad

Good game, good idea but i think it is too easy.

simple but cool

i loved the game... just few controls and its still fun to play. but i wish there were more levels too... and the enemies were way to weak. hope you make a seqel of this :D

great game

You should really make a second part!

underwater R type

I enjoyed the game. Finished it in 13 minutes. Since I played through it all, ill skip the good coments.. (since.. lets face it, a bad game never gets played until the end..)

MORE UPGRADES! I got to lvl 8 by the end of stage 3.. o.o got kinda boring from there.

HARDER BOSSES! I havnt ied once on the final boss, and the only reason it took me more time to kill it was due to its weak point showing up only once every minute or so -_-

MORE EVERYTHING! You got something going on there! add more of it! dont be scared to abuse the eels on the mines in a stages! tas all too easy! Make my life a living hell! gimme chalenge!

MORE BULLETS! besides the final boss, nobody shot anything besides me.. thats a shame! why add agility bonus if I have no reason to use it?

gimme different attacks type, gimme power ups along the way! gimme more music , a bigger map, branching ways, more of everything you hear??

loved the game! but it just let me dried WAY too fast!



Very good

This game is good and adictive.Level 9/8? XD good game 10/10