Reviews for "TentaDrill"


Hello! Welcome to this game! You pretty much can't do anything. But maybe someday you will! In fact, wow, welcome to awesometown, because now you can drill! Just don't press too fast, or you'll miss the ones right in your face. And now you can shoot! Aiming is for losers, so you won't need that. And now you can move faster! Or should I say run into everything in the game at twice the speed. And you don't need to aim anymore, because your bullets now fill up the screen! In fact, you've basically won. Why do we have so many levels again?

Fun. Meta. Or whatever the correct term is.

Short but sweet

Would have given ten stars if it was LONGER!! But apart from that, brilliant.


This is a fun game. There were two things that I didn't like about the game. One being how short the game was and two being how little you upgrade your guy. I was fully upgraded before I fought the second boss =(

Great Game!

You never dissapoint me, man!


liked the levelling up and water texture