Reviews for "TentaDrill"

Fun and relaxing

Now here was a fun and relaxing game it was a tad short maybe you could ad more content to it the controls were pretty easy and easy to understand so a decent game you have here and just needs a tad bit more detail even throwing in some form of mini games would make this a plus but regardless this was a pretty interesting game just needs those little touch ups here and there. Try em out

Some extra content like a mini game would be great make the game longer


good game but i had a glitch where second boss only standed in place and didnt atack me but didnt took any demage
4 stars

Fun and surprisingly easy at the end. I actually managed to overcomplete all of the levels, making the bars extend beyond their own frames.

i agree with natriumclorine

its a cool fun game but its a bit short i think you should make a number 2