Reviews for "Retardo and the IronGolem"

Oh my...

The railtracks bit was ridiculously hard. But, I like a good challenge, and that is what this game was. It managed to kill some time, and frustrate me to no end in the process! :P

Though don't take that as a bad thing!
A very decent game that was nicely drawn and animated. Keep up the good (and interestingly difficult ;D) work.


Waste of time

It was alright...I guess...some humor in it.

Good Game but

Yeah playing through the game and i tried to get help at the end of the cart run and well i just thought it was a little stupid difficult i've tried playing through a number of times can't just figure it out. Good game though.

Really fun, but

There's a slight problem with the rail car section.

On the sharp outstruts you have to lift up, if you're too fast it pops right back down. 4 times now I've tried to go back and get a better time and have to start all over because of something I clicked coming back down and ripping Tardo's head off...

Great otherwise.

liked it

very good, plays sort of like the oddworld games, thinking through the possibilities of your surroundings being the best course of action.

challenging and not too horribly obscure with what items are supposed to be used for the most part, good level design and easy to grasp the concept/object.
9 of 10, 9 instead of 10 for length.