Reviews for "Garfield is Awesome"

I love Garfield

LOLOL. Amazing parody here now!

Hey, not bad

While it may have been short, it was still pretty fun to watch while it lasted. The animation seemed to be pretty authentic to the original Garfield comic strip, albeit not of high quality. There are just an endless number of Garfield parodies running around on the Internet, so it's only fitting I'd see one here. While not as surreal as most of them, it did a good job of poking fun at the comic. I look back and realize I just don't like Garfield anymore. This could use some more jokes next time.

he is awesome.

pretty funny, and makes fun of pretty much every garfield comic ever.

BAMonsterToken, please. Keep that kind of immature crap off of Newgrounds.


Ive always loved Garfield!

Absolutely Brilliant

I will never need any more fapping material as long as I live.