Reviews for "Garfield is Awesome"

Message for Mylovelydame21

oy you yes you ive seen the garfield movie loads of times and garfield DOES TALK so i dont understand why u sed that garfield doesnt talk cuz he duz am i right? anyway auther it was a good flash i really liked it espeically when john shoots garfield incase you want to hear the sayings again (quickly) here it is.
"Alright garfield im gonna get the newspaper plz dont eat that lasanya" *john comes back* "Ohhhhhhhhhh garfield!" *john shoots garfield three times the first two go flying past him and the last one gets hit by odey* Garfield sez "i hate mondays"
so there u go just incase you cant be bothered to see the and creater im not bein nasty about no ones gonna watch your flash if u r angry im sorry and also i like it when garfield sez "I HATE MONDAYS!"


This is exactly what will happen when Jon snaps someday.


That was good for a big change

Hah,i love Garfield.

It's great to see a Garfield parody on here cause i used to love that cartoon way back when and this parody stood true to the style of funny that Garfield represented,great job.


This is gold (always believe in your soul).

PS: Pretty good mouth animations even.