Reviews for "Garfield is Awesome"


it's funny cuzz the jokes he used are like the only jokes in the actual comic!! just kidding. in all seriousedness, that flash was funny and make a perfect parody. i love how garfields eyes are pointing different directions, and john's crackly voice. it's also funny how he takes it a step further and makes John actually shoot garfields, and garfialds only reaction is that of relating to how the calender now said Monday.


Ha, that Animal Crossing music fit in perfectly. Jon just puts up with to much shit, time to put Garfield down.


I LOL'ed in my pants...

A Great Garfield Tribute Flash.

As a true loyle fan of garfield that i am, i will claim this to be one of the best garfield flash cartoons i seen on newgrounds.

Firstlly Garfield was neatlly drawn on the flash enviroment, very plain and simple looking, but i mean to say positivelly. Odie was niclly drawn aswell, very much of a look alike to the original, but remained stiff still throughout the flash. Jon was best drawn too from scratch, at a frame to frame pace, which is traditional for the original Garfield Cartoons. As for the Background enviroment and libary props, its was all drawn with such neat style to match the artwork of the flash, and very much a look-a-like to the original garfield cartoons, i'll state this compliment for espaically for the front of Garfield's house background, was drawn in such great layout.

The Animation for this cartoon, was very well motioned for Jon's movements, picking up the newspaper, and shooting his gun, its all very well done in such a basic form. The Lip Syncing for both Jon and Garfield was well timed with the voice track, but Garfield's yellow lips didn't move at all to change his facial expression, it look dull to give his facial feactures no movement at all, even with the eye contact, in which you put much better effort when animating Jon, And Odie remain stiff as a statue, it would have looked better to animate Odie panting in the flash. But still this dosn't put at downfall, the quality of animation on this cartoon.

Jon's voice acting was very well sound syncing with his emotions, but the voice just needs to have a more broken pitch to match the original, natural charecter of Jon, himself.

In Conculsion If you love garfield, you'll be glad to view this fine piece of animation, on newgrounds, for your viewing pleassure. earns my 9/10



lmfao aahah omg... Odie.. :( .. :)