Reviews for "Garfield is Awesome"

While Garfield is awesome...

I never thought I'd see Jon trying to shoot him. Poor Garfield. The animation was a bit choppy, and Garfield himself didn't really look too much like him. Also, Garfield doesn't talk, so his mouth moving kinda killed the Garfield-iness of it (?? I'm hoping you understand what I mean by that).
While I love Garfield and this animation, there are certain things that an artist should only be able to change slightly. Jon trying to pop a cap in Garfield, fine. Garfield talking? Took away the charm of Garfield's character, I think. Don't be offended by this, please, I'm just stating what I think.

Kyaztro responds:

yeah I was thinking of just having you hear garfields thoughts but I was afraid people would mistake it for laziness because I wasn't doing lip syncing


Who doesn't love lasagna and hate mondays? Ani needed some work. Other thn that great job


i hate mondays too


loved the animal crossing song :3

but ya, hoping that me and my bro will be good like you XD


Haha, that was funny, only problem was the animation could have been better but nonetheless, good job!