Reviews for "Garfield is Awesome"

not funny

honestly...the only funny part was when he pulled out the gun and shot odie. and even that only produced a little chuckle. The Garfield comic is supposed to be ironic, and it's supposed to be immediately funny, like, when jon walked out, you should have immediately switched to a frame with him looking at the empty lasagna tin, thats how jim davis makes garfield funny. This was too slow for my taste and just ruined one of my favorite comics. 1 for animation


I loved it, predictable... But still funny as hell. Oh and @ Tonash, this obviously wasn't intended to be an 'awesome' spin-off. It's just a video that has 'awesome' in it's name.

lol at the bottom review

Just freaking lol

Funny, but does not merit the "Awesome" genre

Something several authors attempt to do after Egoraptor's series, yet few can actually match the style that is put forth. What makes the "Awesome" series what it is happens to be the speed and randomness that occurs throughout the movies. Meaning barely finishing laughing at one joke before the next one comes in swinging.

This was funny, don't get me wrong, it was just too slow-paced and too predictable to deserve the "Awesome" tag.

Keep at it though. I loved your "Super Fun Time Adventure" submission, so I know you have great talent!

Kyaztro responds:

I didn't realize the word "Awesome" was copyrighted by Egoraptor


Greg, ur videos keep getting awesomer and awesomer...
Im starting to like you very,very much...