Reviews for "Body Ladder"


Who the Fu** Wants to rule the world? Just making more and rule the world will cause the world to be filled with zombies then the mentor will suicide of the zombies in the fu**ing world

iv got a problem

my keyboard wont work wich is wierd since it worked on the last game i played so obvisley somthin is wrong with this game

It's great, but...

Does anyone else die every time they get the duelsies upgrade? Because every time I get to that point in the game, I'm on top of a sheer cliff of bodies and when I try to shoot at the guys in the bottom right corner, I click the Mofunzone link and get killed. If the link didn't take up so much space on the bottom, my trigger finger (Which I just found out is approximately 9 clicks per second) could easily handle it, but the duelsies also take 4 shots to kill one guy, so it's a bit of a problem. I hope the upgrades after the duelsies are better.

ive finally found it...

i found this game ages ago but forgot its name and spent ages trying to find it, but there is one thing i have to complain about... when i played it i couldnt move... i dont know whether thats my computer or the game but regardless i still survived up till the last upgrade... i was literaly encased in bodies...


Love the game, but its way to hard with no checkpoints. also too much lag. putting the game in pop-up mode takes care of the issue with clicking different game links