Reviews for "Body Ladder"

cool, but..

good game, but it keeps randomly taking me to Mofunzone, at which point I automatically lose.

an unfortunate case

im sorry but as much as i love playing the lag made this really hard to play and would actually make me accidently click onto another game to the right. if i cant play im sorry icant put a score but if its that laggy its imo just a waste of time. I am sad to not being able to play this because what i can get from it (when it works) is a fun tactical killing game. if i could play without lag it'd be a 10 but alas tis not to be :(

Really needs more

I planned of shooting with a Ak-31 but since i didnt have enough money in my stack its my luck i went on killing others that are my enimies. And i dont really care how much money i got. the game also needs a store were you can spin the pages until you find the weapons you want. And for i game like this i would purchase a sniper =D


two words i think of when i play this game,well a word and a sentence, AWESOME, and king of the hill!!

need more

i need another game like this also i wish you could buy the guns and the gun cost would take from your stack