Reviews for "Body Ladder"

zombies must die im killing everyone in the world zombies:aaarrrrgh
surviver: die die die zombies you mindless freaks
zombies:brain aaaaaaaaaahhhhh
man:i have gun MAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH die little pricks
zombies: *dies*
man:im in space you zombies are dead

My highscore after a couple of tries was 29839, is that good or bad?


Very fun game! I loved the concept! The music was nice. The only thing I found wrong with the game was the Website Link at the bottom of the page. The top of the page seems more suitable, since you won't be aiming there. My killstreak ended abruptly after I pressed that button mistakenly.

its good but it lags too damn much,when you jump you cant control where your gonna land and sometimes you click on the mo fun zone link and you get blinded.