Reviews for "Body Ladder"

Amazing fun

great simple game with an origionl idea, only criticism is there should be more health drops :D (cos i suck at that game)


Its annoying and the style has already been used like a million times. Im sorry but this game is utter crap.

to easy and your link is annoying

this is a great idea for a game and it varry well done, it was really really fun... till about 2 minuets after I got the guns when I realised that that was the end of the game because theres no more chalange and nothing more fun to do, so if you had put in a hard mode also I would have given you a 7.
also clicking on your mofun ad messed up my game more then one time and I had to strat over, you should really move that to the top (or just get rid of the dumb thing because everyone hates ads) if it wasn't for the ad your game would have got a 9 from me.


this game is awesome! it needs more guns!

Was good...

But, as many people said, the link at the bottom right a problem. Luckily, for me, I have firefox and I set it to open tabs so it didn't really affect me other than lag.
It was good at first, until the game sort've ended after I got the dual guns. I got really, really high up, no weapon upgrades, and I was basically shooting the oncoming clones without effort of even moving.

It was a fair game, great idea; however, it could've been better with more upgrades and a height metre that didn't run out of the space once you were past 60 or something.