Reviews for "Body Ladder"

i just killed a mound of people over me and repeated the process. i always had a mound over me. theyd just crawl to the top and i just kill them there continuing the mound. perma invincibility and easy kills.

every one writing their review is talking about how they are zombies...

defiantly a solid 4 star game. would have been 5 stars if there was more upgrades/ different enemies.

-1 star for annoying website link placement in the bottom right corner, i click it by accident a lot while playing.

This game was pretty good. The opening said it was "somewhere in Nevada", so I was disappointed that it wasn't about Madness Combat. We have too many of those cartoons here. The sounds were pretty good. My only complaint was that it did get pretty repetitive. I still thought the premise was pretty original.

It was in fact fun to kill zombies over and over. They didn't quite look infected, though. Well, I guess figures like these don't have much detail. I need to learn how to jump better. Zombies really are all the rage nowadays.

I can imagine the zombie apocalypse and there's two hungry survivors looking at a neighbourhood
from a mountain as a guy is just shooting zombies from another mountain (of zombies)
p.s i have little control of jumping
and a sequel wouldn't be so bad... right?

i have bin looking for these game for so loge it was my 1st game ever