Reviews for "FW:"


Dude, the video was absolutly beautiful! I loved it and it was sheer, 100% percent Bad ass! I'm a big fan of the series! What did you use for the animation though, cause I gotta hit that shit up? Anyways, amaizing video, keep up the great work!

Wasn't expecting much!

When I first came upon this flash, I didn't know what to expect, as the title was so ambiguous. Let me say it turned out to be great! It had a lot of great colors and effects. I'm such a sucker for colorful looking stuff.

For gods sake

Make this to a game! It's frikken awesome!

Over and out.


The three things i loved most was the destruction, the chaos and when he moved the guy into his own bullet. 100% classic

Truely amazing

Very good, fast paced, in your face action movie. You did a very good job on this