Reviews for "Sore Street Romance"

This sounds

Like it should be in L.A. Noire

To Watered Out

I don't like it. It sounds to watered out and, runny. It isn't clear enough. You are very talented but, try making it a lot crisper. There is to much noise overpowering your voice.


your voice sounds very familiar... almost like that "gorillaz" guy singing! keep it going... I'd like to your that voice of you with a guitar and a some happy passages in your song ;)

Nice, but I think I'm hearing something...

I like it. Solid, quality work. Usually I wince a little when I see a song is supposed to have vocals but you pulled them off quite well. Only thing I can complain about on that is the lack of lyrics in the description, but that's nothing.

Also, is it just me or does the piano sound.. off to you? Like from 2:33-2:44, something about that piano just doesn't sound right. It sounds off beat, somehow. It sounds like that in 3:05-3:20, as well. And at 3:16, I can distinctly hear two keys being hit almost at the same time, but not quite, and it's effect is a bit jarring. Now, I'm not saying it sounds bad, nor do I know if that's how it's supposed to sound, but it doesn't sound right to me, either way

Other than that, though, nice work! I usually don't like jazzier songs or music with lyrics, but I like this track quite a bit.

Take all my respect !

I love the noire feel, I could see this in something like Mad Men.

Nice track !