Reviews for "Sore Street Romance"


The tune, rythm and everything was so retro-styled, well done and put together, the only complain, the voice is too quite, it lacks just a little more volume. Congratulations, great job overall.


I really can't believe how amazing this song is. I really was thinking about getting a trumpet but I was worried about how much would it take to learn some good trumpet. You see I already know guitar and some piano and I'm 14 so I ain't sure... What do you think?

Basset-Hound responds:

I'd say go for it,
when I recorded this I played the trumpet for 2 months with no lessons so when you already play guitar and piano it is pretty easy to pick up any other instrument. The first few weeks its really struggling but after you get how it works, its just playing alot and your progress will show alot.

Its now a year later and I enjoy playing my trumpet, whenever I play trumpet I bring out better melody's then any other instruments. :)