Reviews for "Sore Street Romance"

Overwhelming Sickness

Actually I'm diggin' the flat trumpet - it totally fits in. An amazing production - hard to picture how much work this was, great job!


Man, i love the old school classy style :D

Make more like this please!! sexy voice (im a guy)

what can

i say you did it your song was a succes and the submision was worth the whole 5-6 mins of my time awsome job sebastian and good luck in all your future projects :)

Quality work.

Amazing dude, going into my favorites... it's very noir I love it.

You deserve the world to see your work.

I'm just plain amazed by this. you have no idea how good you are, do you? I mean, im pretty sure many users of newgrounds.... not even that, all around the world millions of people can't do this. I mean I one instrument, not four or five! yet alone recording myself sing. then putting all my recordings into one piece, AND having it all in time. Apart from one or so minuscule part where it dropped out of time, only for half a second apart from them, I reckon you should make an album. Fantastic work. I don't even like this sort of music. but this is hard not to love.

Basset-Hound responds:

Thanks for reviewing, the timing issue was really hard. Also because I could not record the drums until at the very end so I had to play everything with a metronome. This was a good test for me to see if I could make these kind of things work. Once I have enough money to buy proper equipment I will record more and go out to perform on the streets and in bars and hopefully sell my music online by making animated music video's.

Thanks for the review and the support :)