Reviews for "Sore Street Romance"

It's gorgeous!

I came here because of your animation... This is the one of the best songs what I've ever heard! Great Job! :D


I linked from you animation, to you page, to this because at first I thought you where just uploading music you liked from a professional artist.

after reading that you recorded this, all I can say is great job.

Caught the essence of the old style perfectly.

Sell it.

Gosh I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well I love the lyric, the instruments are a little unsynchronized, still its pure gold mate, pure gold!!! good try, yes the trumpet is a little flat but hey it just makes the perfect touch... keep trying this one's superb, so the next one It's going to be a delight for our ears!!!!! NICE JOB MATE KEEP THE SUPERB WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I didn't know people still made music like this. I love it. Also, don't worry about the trumpet sounding flat. It was perfect to contribute the mood of the song, sort of gritty and very noir.