Reviews for "Sore Street Romance"

all i gotta say is this song and the movie that was made was EPIC.i may speak for newgrounds members everywhere when i say WE WANT MOAR SONGS FROM YOU!!!!>.>
if you want maybe i can request something jazz like and see if ya can make it.

I love the dreary tone of the song, and the slow but jazzy pace of it.
The lyrics are good but at times seem to slip, and the guitar seems a bit too weak but overall I love this song.

Listen up!

This is an amazing piece and to everyone who's saying its too watered out or not good or something else watch the freakin sore street movie he put up. This is the smokey club mafia song style. It's supposed to sound ran out and rough. Anyways I know you're new to the trumpet but that is bringing the piece down some. I say you should practice up on it a tad more and come back and give it pop. Even if it is that ran down type of song the trumpet should have the background pop and zing to it. It feels more trying to sneak and squeak by than giving the rugged bad guy feel.

Not really bad! This may be succesful!

You my good sir have a good taste in music!


Great stuff, sound a lot like gorillaz, only downside to me is your vocals are sometimes not too clear.