Reviews for "Project: Princess"

I will edit this comment sometimes but...


2 - how can i get refinement?

really great game. if possible if you ever update this again . medals will be good. sorry but i love medals.

I am with a bug. After doing a work in the restaurant the game showed the attributes raised with a speak of the chef, but no matter how much times I press the ok button this windows don't dissapear. I choosed the restaurant work 2 times before.

Wow, I enjoyed this game a lot more than I thought I would! There's just so many ways to customize your daughter, and the references alone make this game completely enjoyable. I got kind of a lame ending (cooking and cleaning for the rest of my life), so I can't wait to play this again and see what other endings I can get!

All in all, this is an awesome game. It may not look like much at first, but it eventually grows on you and you learn to love it... insert sentimental speech here and all that.

I liked it but I never figured out how to get your daughter a husband...Any ideas?