Reviews for "Project: Princess"

What I little I saw, it looks like a nice parody.

Underwater basket weaving, Jedi lessons? Ha ha ha. Some of those classes look funny.
And nice with the cameos. Only saw Dr. Wily and Locke and Terra from Final Fantasy VI along with I think the hero of King's Quest.

If there would be one thing to change, it should be the losing money from failing a job. Because even attempting some of the more expensive classes is hard enough without going into debt from failing too many jobs.


Seemed like a neat idea, but trying to get money just didn't work. You lose some skills for failing at a job, and even worse, not only do you not get paid, you actually LOSE money for failing. I went into debt and stayed there until I got bored. You shouldn't lose money for not doing a good job.

I like it.

I always get addicted to these types of games for some reason. I'm kinda confused as to how you lose money though when you don't succeed at a job and also in the fighting tournament theres these 4 random buttons and when I clicked one of them I automatically lost. :O

I also have no idea how to get social rep but that's because I'm an idiot.

HJE-Cobra responds:

Yeah, the fighting tournament is hard the first year, and you'll probably lose horribly.

And social rep is gained from succeeding at the other tournaments in the festival.


The money goes down when you earn it!

pretty good but...

how do u earn money..? but other thn that its enjoyable