Reviews for "Project: Princess"

I love this game forever <3

my daughters ending

she didnt find a man but she did have a tv show and did housekeeping so awsomely!


I like the game, but the ending text is always cut off by the side of the screen, no matter where I play this!


dude all i did was make her charisma go up and buy her buxoms whatever they are to make huge boobs and the cat costume and let me tell u that was a bad ending but it was fun jacking off to her XD giggity giggity goo 5k times seriously thogh she can get very hot make her go to inn and work when she can be a wench make her be winch then stripper and only buy her buxoms what ever they are they make HUGE ASS BOOBS i <3 this game

debug mode!

its kinda simple actually
name ur girl Kairi Kork(birthday doesnt matter)then u havs debug mode