Reviews for "Project: Princess"

I actually loved it!

I loved all the cameos, and all the references you made in this game. Loved how everything was calculated, and how you choose what becomes of your daughter at the end.

Awesome game! (Actually hoping for a sequel... >.>)

Really did enjoy this game.

I spent a good chunk of my time today playing this game. The only gripe I have is that apparently trying to raise your child social rep does not affect ending since I had her either ending up a nun or out of wedlock. I noticed that there was a 1 in the ending sections for her nunnery. So, I was wondering, is there more endings that fall under that category?

to get in debug mode (yes i found out) put her brithday to anything then make her last name Kork ( must be capital) Then make her name Kairi (capital to!) then start the game!

Love all the references to pieces! Very entertaining game.

Not sure if this was mentioned before if it's just my browser but, the Test Adventure seems buggy to me. Sprites change appearances there, the map didn't seem precise, and I couldn't find the boss (if there was one in that location).

good game 5/5 i rate all games i like 5/5 lol still 5/5