Reviews for "Project: Princess"

Really did enjoy this game.

I spent a good chunk of my time today playing this game. The only gripe I have is that apparently trying to raise your child social rep does not affect ending since I had her either ending up a nun or out of wedlock. I noticed that there was a 1 in the ending sections for her nunnery. So, I was wondering, is there more endings that fall under that category?

Good game!

I really enjoyed it. It was difficult for me to allow her to become specialized in one area and to allow other areas to suffer. It drove me nuts.

After I got the maid work to give me a dress, I worked for her a second time after that and my daughter went into a funk and I couldn't get her out of it no matter how low I got her stress level. Maybe she was having a bad month or something..

It was enjoyable. I saved it to my favorites and I'll play it again someday. I want to get an ending other than wanderer. :)


Awesome game.
I got the best ending! She married the prince and became a queen!
Good job with the game.
Hoping for a sequel.
A easy and fun SIM.

HJE-Cobra responds:

Nice work, getting that ending! Though there's still an ending that I think is a better one.

I dunno if I'll make a sequel, but I might make an expansion of sorts to this... more endings, more equipment, perhaps an "adventure" mode, stuff like that.

I actually loved it!

I loved all the cameos, and all the references you made in this game. Loved how everything was calculated, and how you choose what becomes of your daughter at the end.

Awesome game! (Actually hoping for a sequel... >.>)

money troubles

Its not bad, the only problem I had was with gaining gold. Is that a glitch? I ask because I coudnt gain money period. other than that, nice concept, good game.

HJE-Cobra responds:

Money's kinda hard to gain the first year... It takes 50 gold a month for feeding your daughter, and it can be tough to balance working/rest/whatever with the daughter at first. But later jobs give more money. More jobs are available when she's older.