Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"

That was different.....

Well uhh...that was rather interesting. Pretty good though.

Alright for a starter episode

Given that this is your first episode of a series, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. A bit more motion and content would definitely be a good boost here. Thanks for the pre-loader though.


Lacking the time and/or patience to say anything all that insightful, or even intelligent for that matter, I’ll have to go with a more, shall we say “brainless” approach. But let me assure you that this is the result of extreme laziness and enough homework to make me contemplate suicide, let me also assure you that –
- THAT SHIT WAS THE BOMB!! FUCKING CRAZY . . . AND . . . UH . . . etc. Anyway, great stuff,
“scissors” especially. heh. Keep it up.

overall it was good

sex is pleasurable and so is this


I didn't really find this funny, but I'm going to watch the rest, simply because it seems mildly interesting, and it's rather well made.

However, I can't understand all the speech - might want to consider subtitles or something.

However, the graphics, sound and animation are all rather good.