Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"


That was astonishing. B&W Drama talks of the hardships of families. The sound was spectactular and the graphics were speechless. I just think...THAT IS GAY WORDS THERE! Anyways cool movie cya!

NOT funny!

To f*cking short men!!!

kinda cool

i thought it was pretty funny, awkward at least.
ill definately watch the rest of them. for me the sound was delayed a couple seconds so it would make sounds after they happened. good job though, I dont know how you thought up such odd random situations but i like it.

Beautifully absurd

I fail to see why more people don't dig this. It's just so absurd I couldn't elp but find it humorous. It's not pretensious, it's not low-brow, it's just humorously odd. I like it.

I loved "scissors"

I can see why everyone wouldn't have liked the first clip of the two part episode, but I absolutely loved the scissors clip. In my sense of humor (little twisted from norm) I thought it was hilarious.