Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"

Hardly destined to be a classic

A bit weak in the content department, but harmless enough I suppose. Paper-thin humour and stylish but simple graphics do not add up to a classic. A better script/gag content allows you to get away with kiddish drawings but this doesn't have it. I'd be interested to see more though.

YES! this roxorz! :)

This is awesome, what a great movie. Screen Door is a lil wierd but kinda funky to enjoy that much, scissors rulz tho, iono but jst someone as fucked up as me takes humor in that. It would be better if it was longer (like we saw why she was hiding the scissors or at least goto the scissors and say "my precious" or somethin' crazy) but i'm not you so who am i 2 say? i liked it a lot... anyhoo that was coo so cya


Well, I really didn't see too much of a point in any of that. I thought it was funny with the whole bug thing eating the two people and the shit comment but besides that...
You have a good idea, just don't send it to hell.


screen door wasn't funny, but scissors REALLY cracked me up. the voices, the timing, the plot... all very funny random humor. more please!!!

fun fun silly willy!

that was cool. I thought the scissors one was waaaaaaaaaay better than screen door though. at any rate.. make some more of these. you've got a great sense of humor.