Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"

B&W Drama Theater is the beginning of of the series. Animation was great, and very funny. Having two features in one was interesting.

I'll review each of them individually.
"Screen Door" - 7/10. I admit that the funny gag is pretty funny. I though the joke was going to be that the giant insect was her boyfriend. It makes as much sense as anything else here! The animation's pretty good.
"Scissors" - 5/10. I really couldn't get this one. Was there a lesbian joke in there somewhere? The audio didn't seem to match up. Maybe it's just my computer.


I especially loved the "scissors" one.

The Beginning

It is interesting to see how, since the beginning, both your animation and comedy styles have evolved for the better.

I rated this video a 5 because that, on my scale, is "average." These two shorts (in this convenient 2-in-1 pack of sorts) did not make me laugh out loud. How great to know the terrific work you put out only months after this one.

:) love ur series,'

keep up the good work.. i love ur series,,! good job,! 10/10 5/5^^