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When I was 18 years old I was in a Car Accident leaving me with a closed Head Injury. After a few years of therapy, I began to work when I could and live on the streets as a homeless man. One winter I was sleeping in the Warming Centers of a Suburb right outside of Detroit. There, I met a person who called himself Eminem. We talked a bit and exchanged stories about the hardships of our lives. He told me he was into music.. Rap music. I talked about my passion for writing and writing poetry. Eventually, the conversation led us to me trying my hand at a few lyrics for him to view at a later date. At the last church on the Homeless circuit, I saw this person again.....Eminem. He asked me if I had done any writing. That day I had done some writing in the Public Library while staying warm. I wrote the Chorus: I'm happy; I'm feeling glad. I got sunshine in a bag. I'm useless, but not for long. The future is coming on. I also wrote much about my philosophy on life and God. I wrote the lines: Get the cool shoe shine, Get the cool shoe shine Baby ! That all turned up on the Gorillaz Soundtrack, which is the word I used to title the page I gave to Marshall Mathers. I titled a portion of the lyrics by using the name, Clint Eastwood. A few years later I see the soundtrack entitled 'Gorillaz' with my song 'Clint Eastwood' and much of the substance of my lyrics in the 'Gorillaz' soundtrack. In a nutshell, that is my story. I have more details that describe the interactions between Marshall Mathers and I that night. I also have a knowledge of who he was with that night if I need to prove myself. I can recall much of our conversation that night I first met him. I feel that if Marshall Mathers knew where I was he would have the heart to give credit where credit is due. I feel he might acknowledge that homeless man he met on the streets of Detroit that night.. if he knew of his whereabouts.
now that you've heard kris' story, u may want to know what happened in his later life. to find out more email me at get_that_song@hotmail.com, or email kris at give_me_my_sunshine@hotmail.co m. we will tell u what kris' life led to and what he's up to today. kris wants not money nor fame, just credit due where credit was earned. he wrote that song never knowing the popularity it would achieve. please help spread the word about kris. tell this story to every one you know, spread it across the internet. remember, if u would like to help, join us by emailing me.help kris get his song back by emailing us and spreading the word.if u have never heard the song, email me and i will give u a link to download it. that is all, thank u for your time.


I don't think anything else on this site is this cool!!! If you could rate scripting, this would get a 1,000,000!!!!!

That was excellent

Always nice to see something a little different, especially when it's funny and well executed. More please!


very stylish


Yup, it made me laugh. The voices were the best. And it's not B&W, BTW. It's greyscale. Phhbbbbt. :-P