Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"


While I don't think this is my favorite of the Rose series, it's definitely one of the best pieces I've heard from you. It seems hopeful and yet perilous at the same time, two elements that make it perfect for a boss-fight of some kind.

I can't find any flaws with it, so I don't know what else to say.
I love it :3

NemesisTheory responds:

Wow, thanks! And yeah, I think the bass piano really helps with that perilous feeling, I was surprised it actually worked that well (I've heard it before in other games) in the song.

No flaws? Really? That's awesome. xD

Thanks for the review! <3


Great song, you have serious potential in music making if you can do this.
But I am wondering, could I use this song in a video or a game game of mine? Just wondering.
Great job, please keep this up, I really love this music, and I would really like to see you even farther in your career of music making.
Thanks for the awesome song.

NemesisTheory responds:

You think so? That's pretty awesome. xD

Ofcourse you can! The reason I actually make these songs is so people can use them (and, ofcourse, just listen to them!) in their games or movies if they feel it really fits and they need original RPG-like music. Ofcourse, I also really enjoy making them so that works out well. xD

Anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed it and thank you for the review! <3


The beginning sounds like it could be the character select theme for the next Killer Instinct

Prepare yourselfs!

Ready gamers? Huge encounter incoming! Awesome stuff right here

(I hope my english or the dialogs are not that bad ;) )
{Fight is ending, the white ring of the enemy is disappearing}
[Enemy] Uhrg...
[You] I... finally... won...
[Enemy] I am not the ranger you are seeking for...
[You] What?! You are not...
[Enemy] Hehe... He... Our Boss, [???], is not here... He is behind this long floor behind me... I am just the 8th ranger, Alabaster. My only aim was to stop you.
[You] But you failed. I obviously defeated you
[Enemy] Hehe... Hehehehehe...
[You] ?
[Enemy] While we are talking, our Boss is just one step away from dominating the world. If you want to try to stop him, you should go now. But you will just waste your life. You...
[You] I fought this hard in name of the world... I cant stop now! I have to go!
{Music is starting and you go through a long hall till you reach a door}
[System] A strong power of darkness will be found behind this door. Are you prepared?
[You] {have to choose} -Yes- -No-
{You choose Yes and enter the room}
[???] Who is there?
[You] It is me, your death. I came to defeat you.
[???] I expected you, [You]. But i never thought you getting this far. It seems that the eight other rangers couldnt stop you.
[You] And who are you that you think you can stop me from stopping you?
{Music fades, Boss encounter music starts}
[???] I am Astraea, the yellow ranger. But with the power of the nine rings i will be Astraea, ruler of the world, no, ruler of the universe...
{Astraea puts on the other eight rings, she beginns to shine in the colors of the rainbow
{Fight beginns, Final Boss music}