Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

I thought you couldn't possible get better.

But you damn sure did. I thought there was no place to go but down, yet you keep on going up and you're not showing any signs of stopping. Holy shit this is good. The whole song smooths perfectly throughout and is absolutely beautiful from beginning to end. I have no complaints at all. Keep on making music because you are divine when it comes to it.

Great as always.

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Again, this is a great piece.
However, I do have a question. Around the middle mark or so, the Melody reminded me a lot of the Crysis 2 Main theme. Was that part of your inspiration, or something? Because it sounded a lot like it.


I Love Your Work And I've Waited For This Rose TO Come Ever Since I've Heared The Previous Rose

Keep Up Your Works

Amazing as always

Your Rose series is absolutely amazing, and I always look forward to any new songs by you. This one is definately more layered, and I can easily picture this for a multiple stage boss fight, probably final boss. It's absolutely flawless--the best in the Rose series thus far!

Its like kingdom hearts, final fantasy, and the secret series all combined into one epic song. I give you props nemesis, love this music.