Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

There is no restart button

And the more often I play the game the quicker it takes for larger fish to apear


It gets boring after while..a bit usual, despite graphics is very good

the games awesome

now dont get me wrong this game is awesome it reminds me of that other fish game but the problem i had annoyd the living crap out of me i got a ylw pill then i got wings it made me white but i was still big than when they dissappeard i was still big and white so i tryd to eat one of those big ones that follow and it ate me like i was tiny T-T


im not sure wether i like it or not. Some sugestions are 1 makeit easeir to grow and put fish in the darkness. Dark is spooky so make scary fish

Fun and Addictive

However, lacking in depth. The temp. invincibility update was a nice touch, the flying growth error was odd, preferring one type of fish to eat should make you gradually resemble it more and more.