Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

A thought

How about making the yellow pill an "Evolution pill" as in if you find one, you can change into a different kind of fish (or bird) permanently or for a short time (like the wings). Also, try to get it to work that after a certain amount of points your fish grows, or that a "pop-up" comes which lets you choose some evolution path: Faster, Bigger, that kind of things.

Also every time you evolve you should get a bit extra, like a few fins or something like that.

A nice game and it has potential :)

The graphics were great and the game ran smooth, keep up the good work :p


Nice game with good graphics and average sounds. The game itself is funny but it became repetitive after a while. As other reviewers already said, an evolution system would be great (e. g. growth, speed, jumping, etc.) with more and fierce other fishes. Those big guys seemed to lose interest ine ating me after I gained enough points and the game became boring (except for those who want to gain points endlessly). In my opinion, some kind of a tutorial (especially if the compelxity increases) would also be quite helpful and more or other music would be appreciated.


One of those games you can get lost in. Maybe the yellow pill could attract little creatures to you for a while, or give you a single-use horn that kills a big fish.

I dunno..

It wasn't bad, but it seemed kind of repetitive. Perhaps you could make upgrades or make the creature evolve and/or grow after eating enough?


It is good but ur charecter dosent grow!!! and u only have 1 life!!! make this bettar
and u will get daily + weekly N.1