Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Loved it but...

The music made my ears bleed. I loved the sfx, the gameplay, the graphics, but I couldn't play it for more than a couple of minutes because of the music.

Yellow Pill

Get the yellow pill it can make you grow 1 size bigger so eventually you can eat the bigger fish.

a lot of problems

very rigid, most objects that you get don't do anything. There's no story, not objective, no real point.

it has Potential

Wow this game s diffrent. can u add mommentum in the game so that u can jump for this fish higher and higher.....and add a way to kill thoese biggass pacman fish!!
Mabye thats what you can do for the yellow capsule.

ok it was good

i didnt like da music at all
but the gameplays is okay