Reviews for "Cardboard City"


beautiful stuff some creative stuff right there u should sell your works people will definetly buy them awsome job good talent...

MorrowDays responds:



this was a ackward video but its a very good video even tho the city was made of cardboard but still a good video, i rate this a 10/10

amazing man!

that was just ozzing with style nice one! btw what was the song in the background called it was coool?

I find it very, very interesting.

Maybe im a little crazy, but i guess you wanted to give out a message.
Like the title of my post says, i find it very interesting, and not only interesting, but also, a bit on the Surreal side.
Like Humuno said, not everyone understands this kind of movies, nowadays, the think its all about the "Bam" and the "boom".

This flash deserved to be on first page, and hell, it did gained a place in it.

Good work.

Now... I would like to know the name of the song that played the entire movie, im very fond of Jazz, (I think its Jazz what played...) and well... I loved the song, wich was very well used in this movie.



I really loved the style unique... keep it up