Reviews for "Cardboard City"


It was ok, but the animation was cool.

Great Atmosphere

The blend of jazz and cardboard brought an elegance to everyday material. Nicely done. But I think that, while the rain was good, the Man VS. Nature aspect could have been elevated.
While it was technically impressive (I liked the man checking his watch alot and the ice cream scene was fun too) I felt that the cardboard could have been used to a deeper impact.
Thank you, great work!


maybe it's only me, but this movie gives one of those old movies feeling.


it is kinda cool but you should have made your own cardboard textures, with cardboard. its easy to get and all. maybe make an actual story with this style of animation.


I like the idea of basing an animation on cardboard but it seems that this was just a poor animation with 'cardboard' textures slapped on it. I have no complaints about the music (jazz is cool baby!). Maybe adding properties of cardboard into the animations such as the bending and folding of it, tearing, it's strengths and weaknesses. It seems like it was a good idea but just not delivered entirely.